Danny Bryant – Rise: Album Review

Rise finds Danny Bryant in his natural home. Gritty, powerful vocals and sensational guitar work are the order of the day.

Release date: 29th September 2023

Label: Jazzhaus Records

Format: CD / Digital

Danny Bryant should be on the playlist any self-respecting UK blues fans list of ‘must listen to artists’ and if he is playing nearby, cancel all arrangements and go to hear him live. With accolades from Eric Gales, Joe Bonamassa and Walter Trout, his gritty powerful vocals are full of soulful passion making the blues genre his natural home. 

His new single, Rise, which is also the title song of his latest album,  is, like most of the album,  in the mould of veteran bluesman Walter Trout with strong vocals and searing guitar, both of which pack a punch that will knock you out with the first blow. You’ll need to be back onto your feet for the next 9 rounds because you’ll not want to miss what he is going to wallop you with next on this high quality album.

Rise and Animal In Me may be a powerhouse start but Danny is far more than bish-bash-bosh rock blues rhythms.  There is a more tranquil side to him too as tracks like Louise, Scarlett Street and Julienne show. His mellow vocals accentuate the emotion and angst within them.

Hard Way To Go’s strong riffs and the church organ keyboards on Silver And Gold provide further contrast and demonstrate the adept musicality of Danny’s compositions. The choral backing, fuzzy guitar and an intricate guitar solo are strong features of Into The Slipstream and paired with his dynamic vocals this is an outstanding track on the CD.

His arrangement of Dylan’s I Want You shows his inventiveness and courage to completely alter an established tune. Hardly recognisable unless you are familiar with the lyrics; his version is exceptional. The contrasts between each track lift and drop the tempo and this results in carefully constructed track sequencing, enhancing the listening experience. In the final track Drown Jam he uses every ounce of his high energy rock blues style he brings to us a storming instrumental finish but you’ll want to, like me, press replay and do it all again.

With Alex Phillips on bass and Danny Raeburn on drums this trio must be one of the tightest units in British blues and a trip to Barnoldswick in October is already in my diary. You can find all other tour dates here.

Here’s the title track:

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