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SOMOH – A Plan To Get Home: EP Review

London-based SOMOH illustrates her talent on her dazzling debut EP; A Plan To Get Home.

Released: 30th March 2023

Label: Tiny Library Records

Format: Digital

Sophia Mohan, more commonly known as SOMOH, captured the hearts of so many when she released her debut EP A Plan to Get Home in March of this year. This project represents the transition from childhood to early adulthood and having to navigate the world on your own.

This bedroom pop meets indie rock record begins with the lead single Anything. It is a dreamy, heartfelt track that represents the overwhelming, yet beautiful feeling of falling in love. The lyrics “You told me what it’d take to love you but you know that I’d do anything,” encapsulate the moment where you know you are in so deep with someone that nothing else matters except this unconditional love you share.

Body positivity anthem My Body Is A Friend is a soothing, delicate reminder that no matter how you view your body, it should be shown the same amount of kindness as you’d show a friend as it does so much for you. This track builds towards each chorus as a contrast to the soft verses as SOMOH details her own experiences around this topic.

The EP closes with the title track A Plan To Get Home, which is based on what SOMOH has described as “a bad night out, where all I wanted was to get to the safety of my bedroom”. The song begins with a gentle melody and builds to the finale where there is an eruption of guitar and drums which brings the captivating record to a close.

This incredible project is produced by Joel Johnston of Far Caspian, who SOMOH has collaborated with on several occasions such as ‘Our Past Lives’ (released in late 2021)

Following this release, SOMOH announced her new single, Man, which is out everywhere now. You can listen to it here. Check out My Body Is A Friend below.

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