Roving Crows – Bad Habits 2.ø: New Single

Roving Crows reboot an oldie but goodie/goldie – take your pick, or have both.

roving crows

Free-spirited and independent Irish rockers Roving Crows give a polished reboot to a track from 2012’s Bacchanalia. We’re warned to expect “a vibrant, energetic and frenetic new version of Dirty Habits, the story of a raucous night out, a tale of wild abandon, with the battle cry of ‘money in my pocket, burning a hole, where it all will end, nobody knows!‘”

Whatever – here’s a chance to crow and roll along and to shamelessly nick a clutch of phrases from Caitlin Barrett speaking at the time of their 2022 album Awaken, Dirty Habits is an irresistible chance to sing loud, dance wildly and celebrate life.

Here’s the new video:

A band right at home with the likes of The Levellers, Ferocious Dog, Merry Hell, The Waterboys, The Pogues and Horslips, they’ve hovered under the radar for a while but with a handful of live dates set for the end of 2023, well worth seeking out to see the year out in style. Tour dates here.

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