Maz O’Connor – Chosen Daughter: Album Review

Maz O’Connor returns with a delightful set of new songs that each tell their own wondrous story.

Release Date: 25th October 2019

Format: CD / DD / DSP

Label: Hudson Records / Restless Head Records

Maz O’Connor

In this collection of songs, Maz O’Connor introduces eleven female characters from her family and tells us the tales of their abandonment, rejection, mistreatment, dreams, shortcomings and relationship breakdowns, which are consequences of wide ranging experiences; many foisted upon them due to generational expectation or circumstance.

Yes, the songs are delivered melancholically with Maz’s tender-hearted empathy, but some of these ladies have a strength or determination to survive by whatever means they see fit or by sheer acceptance of their fate.

But the main strength of these songs is that, although they are gleaned from her family issues, they deal with most but obviously not all life experiences of all genders and sexuality. We could all name many a friend or family member ok who has equivalent experiences but clearly Maz wishes on this collection to speak for the people she has close relations with. The enjoyment comes from listening to these ladies tell you their story through Maz, it feels as if they are actually telling you.

This compilation may be gender orientated but not solely gender biased, in these alluringly performed songs.

Those who are familiar with Maz’s graceful, melodious style will not be surprised by the elegant panache in the performing of these songs which has won her award nominations and appearances at major festivals.

The three years it has taken for her to assemble, record and perfect these very personal tunes and tales has resulted in a touching and poignant anthology which all ages and genders can appreciate.

What a responsibility to take the lives of family members and express their emotions and life experiences in short songs, Dylan takes nearly ten minutes to tell the story of the Titanic disaster, which took a few hours! She relates these stories with sensitivity and everyone will find affinity with at least one them.

It is of continuing dismay that artists of Maz O’Connor’s natural talent, and she is not alone, despite having recorded four or five pieces of work are not given a higher profile because they are given a ‘folk’ tag. Yet singers of lesser talent screech and whine with the assistance of digital wizardry to stardom and all the way to the bank.

Maz is due to appear at the Manchester folk festival this autumn, which begins a tour of small city venues to promote ‘Chosen Daughter.’

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