Maz O’Connor releases second single from vulpes project

Composed with friend Will Gardner, Maz O’Connor continues her new ventures as vulpes with the release of  Jessica.

Maz O’Connor graced our ears in 2019 with both her brilliant Chosen Daughter album (our review here), and a live performance at the opening night of that years iteration of the Manchester Folk Festival (review here). Then the madness began and as we hopefully approach its end, Maz O’Connor treats us to some tranquillity with her second single from her forthcoming new album..

Whilst many  artists have resorted playing in  the recording studio to continue their art Maz sought to experience the busking option in London to seek inspiration for her writing.  It was this that culminated in her first new single, Soho.

Soho deals with loneliness after a lost relationship . Using the new performing name vulpes to kick off a new musical project and the next stage in her musical career she maintains that beautiful ethereal quality in her voice and the ability to sensitively and tastefully express her innermost thoughts. 

Jessica is the second single and follows in imperious fashion. Again, Maz O’Connor’s voice is the thing that shines the brightest. Her range, phrasing, delivery and emotion sends a shiver down the spine. The twinkling piano, subtle strings and use of playful percussion coalesce in beauty to create a hypnotic and magical piece of music. Jessica was composed with friend Will Gardner, and is another step in Maz wanting to be more playful in her sound.

As a taster for a forthcoming album, and a taste of what vulpes will offer, both Soho and Jessica set the scene wonderfully.

You can listen to Jessica below and buy it here through Bandcamp.

You can read Maz O’Connor’s guest piece that she wrote for At The Barrier about her love of the amazing Nina Simone, here.

Maz O’Connor: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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