Captain Cheesebeard – Deadwood: EP Review

Released: 18th October 2019

Formats: CD / Vinyl / DD / DSP

Label: Mottow Soundz

Captain Cheesebeard were formed out of a love for Frank Zappa. Originally a tribute act, the band decided to create original music in the same vein as Frank with an attempt to comment on the world in a way that they envisaged the master would. They even got Robert Martin (ex-Zappa band member) to guest on their last album on the supremely excellent, Tash and a Guitar!

This band of Belgians give it all in recreating the atmosphere of a Frank Zappa release. If you’re in any way a fan of Zappa’s 1970’s output, then this EP is something that would definitely appeal to you.

The title track opens with a vocal call and a delightful brass led melody before the Hammond heavy blues takes over. Vocals snarl and lament as the track builds towards a great piece of solo guitar work. Reinvent yourself, rise up from the ashes, states the fantastic opener.

Reinventing is not something that Captain Cheesebeard are doing, and i’m glad they’re not. This is equal parts homage and originality. It is clear that the band are full of talent as they all move through the gears.

The Age Of Mediocracy starts with a less frenetic pace but has sharper lyrics that mention Kanye West and ‘meaningless blabber…’ The two go hand in hand perfectly! Again, the brass is front and centre echoing the vocal melody. Shimmering bass and drum ensure the song moves at a canter before solo turns from the keys, xylophone and guitar in turn help flesh out the ten minute track length.

Pans Redemption follows a lot of the same blueprint and the unpronounceable Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabe… finishes off the EP in a little more of a jazzy way. The track is largely instrumental aside from a run through the track title on vocals. The title is seemingly nonsensical; but Frank Zappa always found sense in nonsense.

Plenty of brass fills the sound with a guitar solo sound that is actually reminiscent of early 70’s Pink Floyd. Saxaphone also comes out to play as well. The whole song has a hard edge as it reaches it’s climax to round out a hugely enjoyable EP.

You can pre-order the album now on LP / Digital. Captain Cheesebeard are on Facebook here.

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