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Bury’s riff monsters, PIST, are massive fans of rock and roll. Here, Dave Rowlands, the band’s singer, shares his love of one of the finest rock and roll bands that England has to offer: Orange Goblin.

Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin, for me, are stalwarts of British heavy metal! They are true warriors of the road, there are no gimmicks, no bullshit, just straight-up bad-ass heavy metal/rock n roll!

I can’t remember when I first heard Orange Goblin but I’ve seen them shit loads of times. One of my favourite times was seeing them at a small pub in Stockport (the Thatched House I think it was called), That was back in 2008. I remember there was a cover of No Class by Motörhead in the set and I lost my shit!

Although I love all their records I think when it really clicked for me was when I got Thieving From The House of God. That remains one of my favourite records, I absolutely love Some You Win, Some You Lose, Black Egg and If It Ain’t Broke, Break It off that album. 

We played a few dates with Orange Goblin earlier this year and that was an honour for us especially ‘cos Ben Ward invited us personally to play the gigs.

We’ve known Orange Goblin for a number of years now and they’re all top lads. Approachable, easy to chat to and no egos or any of that shite! Ben’s a Liverpool FC fan too so we always have something to talk about, as well as our shared love for Midnight. Haha.

Me and John (Nicholson – guitars) also booked OG as headliners for FOAD Fest that we put on in Manchester back in 2014. I got the chance to sing Some You Win, Some You Lose and Made Of Rats that night too which fucking ruled!

Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to tour with Orange Goblin again; I’d love to get a longer tour with those guys!

Orange. Fucking. Goblin. Baby!

There you have it. Testimony to show why Orange Goblin rule. PIST are readying their new album, Hailz. You can read all about the new album, here.

Watch the video for the bands latest single, Mind Rotter, below.

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