Harri Endersby – Mazes: Album Review

Released: 1st November 2019

Formats: Ivy Crown Records

Label: DD / DSP

Harri’s passion for what is natural and human is lovingly explored on her latest album Mazes.

This stunning collection of songs, nine in all, is further evidence of our fortune in Britain to have extremely talented artists who are not only extending the boundaries of modern folk music, whilst paying tribute to the good qualities of the past, but also merging into different styles of singing and playing, bestowing us with treasures new.

Harri’s message that we should place greater value on the wondrous nature that surrounds us and the love for, and from those closest to us is expressed loud and clear throughout all these songs.

Whether you’re a native or have a love of the North East, the Lake District, the Welsh hills, Scottish Highlands, offshore islands or your local moorlands, you will find empathy with the emotions of these songs.

It’s up the fells she takes us first in Mountainside. As a song of lost love, plaintiff vocals open the song before an uptempo beat, like a stout walk uphill lost but not forgotten.

Breathe, Mazes, Golden Hour and Glow reflect the trials and tribulations of loving relationships. Skilfully, Endersby likens the beauty of nature to idolatry and longing within relationships.

In Glow: “You’re a whirlwind, You’re a snowstorm, You’re the first day of spring, You’re the wild waves of the old old sea.” It’s a warm glow you will get from all these songs.

Nature comes to the fore in Small Birds, Isla (female word for Islay off the Scottish coast) and Flight in which we are treated to lyrical and sweet-toned descriptions of favourite creatures and places, and invited to soar through the skies.

In the final song, the tempo is raised for the anticipated arrival home, which the whole ensemble gather in a lively journey to the end.

Harri’s shifting tones and rhythms reflect the changing shades and moods of nature and friendships. Her approach with drummer, guitarist, producer and husband Rich merging electronic and acoustic sounds may be somewhat minimalist or stripped down but the sounds they blend together are never bland, cold or soulless. On the contrary, their tunes en-trance us in a heartfelt shower of music. You are given all you need, a melodious air can swiftly turn into a shuffling up temp beat.

Accomplished folk artists Ciaran Algar, Toby Shaer and Ian Stephenson are added to the album line-up.

In the hands of artists like Harri and Rich the future of the folk genre is safe and leaves us with anticipation for where they journey next.

You can catch Harri on tour, promoting Mazes.

Harri Endersby: Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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