Atlantæum Flood – One Day: Album Review

Release date: 8th November 2019

Label: Schoolkids Records

Formats: CD / DL

The members of Atlantæum Flood have an impressive CV of musical experience and an outstanding range of musical skills at their disposal from guitar to glockenspiel, fender to flute and cello to clog……yes , you’re not misreading.. clog!

All their unique repertoire of instruments are used to fantastic effect on this collection of songs expressing the moods and sights of One Day from Before Sunrise to After Midnight.  Descriptions such as ‘rich sonic tapestry’, ‘ethereal’, ‘cinematic soundscape’ and ‘beautifully cohesive’  are all more than adequate to provide a picture of the diverse sounds, (world music, prog rock, folk) expertly performed on this debut album but its the combined talents of  the 5 member group which provides   us with an unforgettable  sonic experience. Responsible for their own production, recording, mastering, arrangements and composition makes this instrumental project even more amazing. 

Their music has its moments delicacy as at the opening moments of After Sunrise and After Sunset which develops into more forceful rhythms, which are sustained throughout Before Sunset. The trance-like nature of After Noon and Before Midnight. All these elements combine within inventive and original compositions of high calibre. The day ends as all days should with the tranquility in After Midnight which leaves you wanting to start another day and listen again.

This may be the first album by the collaboration between Steve Knott and Marty Willson-Piper who head the five-piece collective, but these musicians have a deep musical pedigree that is used to its ultimate. 

Innovative and experimental this album may be, although it is not produced by up and coming new talent, there is still a freshness and vitality to the music from experienced multi-talented practitioners. After several listens, each experience reveals something different. 

If their involvement in other projects prevents further releases from Atlantæum Flood, then make the most of the opportunity to give this album a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a taster of the album with Before Noon, here:

Atlantæum Flood online: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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