Beans On Toast – The Inevitable Train Wreck: Album Review

Release Date:   1st December 2019

Label:  Bot Music

Formats: CD, DL

Annual missive from Beans finds him rounding up the year with the usual suspects and a bout of weary inevitability.

You know the script by now. We’ve had ten albums already, although this is classed as an upbeat, old-school rock and roll record. Recorded on vintage analogue equipment there’s the inevitable musical simplicity although the often jaunty and upbeat soundtrack belies the openly honest and occasionally brutal lyrical content.

As usual, he’s not short of any sort of inspiration or subject matter and for what it’s worth, a strong ethic of value for money in words per minute. Quite apt it is too that in December 2019, we’re heading for the sort of political tsunami that The Inevitable Train Wreck provides the perfect accompaniment.

So welcome and take up your front-row seat to the end of humanity that’s neatly summed up in World Gone Crazy. Destruction of the planet, sinking ships, the easily offended, society collapsing all play their part. Musically, the kaleidoscope of style sees everything from brassy interludes to pleasant reggae, easy soul and funky chops and lashings of good old fashioned-by-Elvis rock and roll and then something that sounds like We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands which may be a clever analogy.

Who else gets their hands slapped? Festival-goers with a staggering disregard for their environment, the automation of so much of our lives that human interaction is a rare treat, chaos, easy ways out and unelected leaders and in most of the things we encounter. And to be honest, have encountered on a daily basis so The Inevitable Train Wreck seems like a musical version of déjà vu.

Mountains offers a more intimate variation where he channels the sort of deeper thoughts that fellow observationalist Will Varley has as his stock in trade. “Tomorrow turns into the future, Today is always by your side, Leave your yesterdays behind you, Because now’s your time to shine.” His daughter is a year older so there’s the shift towards a more intimate personal direction as he ponders, as we all do, what sort of the bleak world we’re creating for our children.

And while he signs off with a particularly reflective On And On, you feel that there’s maybe no hope. However, we know that in twelve months’ time he’ll be back.

Watch the video for On And On from the album here:

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