SundaySong – Signals: Album Review

Release Date: 4th October 2019

Label: Inverse Records

Format: CD / DD / DSP

Formed In 2009 by IIe Eronen (vocals and guitar), Teemu Tolonen (guitar), Ipo Eronen (guitar), Juhano Havisto (bass) and Jan Heino (drums), SundaySong have released their second album ‘Signals’, their follow up to ‘Down Wind, Down Sea.’

A creepy opening, Ghosts, with a long instrumental which builds and builds its layers of crashing sounds before suddenly mellowing into the vocals, then the dynamics increase and decrease with some whispering lyrics. These fluctuations set a brilliant overture to the rest of the album. These Finnish prog-rockers know how to set the musical juices flowing and leave you in anticipation of wondering what is coming next.

The next track, Hope, also released as a single, follows this pattern of mixing solemn passages and then heavy riff, and they are so good at it too. They claim living by coastal Finland has an influence on their composing,
“The atmosphere in the music is like the sea, at first calm and flowing but in a heartbeat changing to a roar of the thunderous stormy waves, eventually calming down again.”

Mountainheart explores the deep gloomy recesses of a troubled mind, worryingly, the ‘storm that never ends’, what appears quiet and harmless in the tranquil vocals rapidly changing to the ranging torment of thick chords colliding with your ears. Sky Dance continues with the dark lyrics and ear- lashing guitar before petering out suddenly.

‘Firechild’s’ volcanic riffs again shows a stark contrast to the melodious harmonised vocals. A dreamier Daughters Of The Moon is mellower than the others, until the guitar grabs you by the throat and takes you wailing to the end of the track. This album is full of surprises, filling your head with music which one minute lulls you, then bashes your brain.

Death Is Clever offers a total contrast to all the other tracks; not proggy – more poppy, a steady opening then more upbeat, next with an increase in dynamics at the end with a staccato drumbeat, more Coldplay than Floyd.

The opening of the penultimate track Signs Of Light, follows this musical diversion but the vocal style matching the rest of the album, there are power chords aplenty by the end of the track. The final track ‘Beyond’ returns to what we have been used to for most of the album.

There are plenty of prog type lyrics for serious prog fans to muse and ponder and for most of us to wonder what on earth are they on about, but that’s prog lyrics for you; philosophise, ruminate over the metaphor or just accept to be confused but you’ll enjoy the beautiful, unique and atmospheric sound they create.

The tale through this album may be gloomy and has shades of darkness but this highly listenable collection of songs will fascinate you. If you have a copy of their debut album Down Wind, Down Sea this follow up continues where the previous one left off. But if you haven’t, this album stands alone as an intriguing listen.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any plans to tour here and are confining themselves to Scandinavian countries. I can see them being popular here though.

SundaySong: Official Website / Facebook

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