Magic Sword – Endless: Album Review

We take a look at the comic book / music crossover album of Endless by Magic Sword.

Release Date: 27th March 2020

Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

Formats: CD / LP / DD / DSP

I like to read. And I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here but when I read I like to listen to music, predominantly of the instrumental persuasion. I’ve formulated many an internal playlist whilst reading all kinds of material over the years.

The brilliant R Plus Seven by Oneohtrix Point Never was a perfect enhancement to an atmospheric but ultimately dull dystopian science fiction novel (Annihilation – Jeff Vandermeer). And without the assistance of Max Richter I would have struggled to endure a bruising but brilliant series of ten high fantasy novels (The Malazan Book of the Fallen – Steven Erikson, for anyone sad enough to care!) Magic Sword have taken away all the effort of finding the right book for the right album, by way of writing the book too.

Each of Magic Swords releases comes alongside a comic book accompaniment, and after one LP and two EP’s this is latest instalment in the ongoing saga of the protectors of the magic sword – The Keeper (keyboards), The Seer (guitar) and The Weaver (drums).

Magic Sword

It has to be said, the comics themselves look absolutely stunning. Shay Plummer has realised a fully formed world with consistently beautiful and detailed illustration. The dialogue does hug the walls of fantasy cliché pretty tightly, but this is quickly forgiven and even understood when paired with the music of Magic Sword.

In isolation, Endless could be seen as something lacking many new ideas. It prompts strong thoughts of Queens soundtrack to Flash Gordon, along with hints of Daft Punk and John Carpenter. Yet for what it lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in pure fun. I know that this is a ‘music review’ but to do this trio justice you simply have to take into account the whole package.

Whilst reading the comics won’t take you the duration of any of the releases, what they do do is spark your imagination with a slice of lore from the Magic Sword universe. Consider this the OST to your own personal ‘tales of the magic sword.’

Endless achieves what I envisage it set out to achieve. Magic Sword has created a fun, fantasy world that bridges forms. It unabashedly celebrates its influences, and most importantly of all, it puts a smile on your face.

Here’s Depths Of Power from the album:

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