Magic Sword: Interview with Keeper, Seer & Weaver

On the back of releasing their new album, Endless, we caught up with Magic Sword at the Temple of all Beginnings to try and get a little more information about what brought the band together, what their influences are, and what might be next for Keeper, Seer and Weaver.

What were you all doing musically before you formed Magic Sword?

Before Magic Sword ……there was nothing.

Did you all meet at The Temple of all Beginnings or was it in the human world?

Our Individual paths crossed many years ago in another realm.

Was the band formed as a visual art type project or did the visual elements take shape off the back of the style of music you found yourselves making?

The Music and Visual sides came to be at the same time. Visual is just as important to us as the music.

David Lynch once said that cinema is 50% visual and 50% audio. With your big emphasis on the visual aspects of your work what would you say are the percentage in your music?

I’d say currently the music is more prominent than the visual. Only because our vision has yet to be fully realised. In the years to come you will see a shift in that.

Who are your major musical influences?

Influences change all the time. Its started with a lot of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter…..But we draw inspiration from everything we listen to. Currently listening to a lot of Hallas.

Who are your major visual influences? Daft Punk and Squarepusher’s Shobaleader project come to mind in terms of how you guys look on stage.

Visual inspiration actually comes from film and television. Movies like Fire and ice, Pretty much any Ralph Bakshi films. Blade Runner is a big one. We drew some inspiration for the Masks from the TV show Knight Rider.

Who inspired you in terms of the Magic Sword lore and narrative? Are you fantasy/sci-fi fans?

We read A LOT of Fantasy. Of course Tolkien but also, The Wheel Of Time Series, a lot of Brandon Sanderson, and our favourite, Joe Abercrombie.

Shay Plummer has done an astounding job with the illustration of the comics. Did you have a lot of input into their outcome or did you just let him loose on it?

Thor : Ragnarok - 2017 - Original Movie Poster – Art of the Movies

We developed the entire story line together years ago but Shay takes it and expands on it all on his own.

‘In the Face of Evil’ was used on the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. How did that come about? Did it just get used or were they approached for permission?

We work with an agency called Terrorbird who helped us get the placement in the Thor trailer.

Where does the Magic Sword saga go next?
We don’t like to reveal what comes next but we are already working on the next chapter of the story. We can say that we will be diving into the origins of the Keeper, Seer, and Weaver.

Many thanks for Keeper, Seer and Weaver for allowing us into the Temple of all Beginning’s to speak to them. You can read our review of Magic Sword’s latest album here.

You can buy Endless here.

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