Twisted Wheel – Satisfying The Ritual: Album Review

Twisted Wheel continue their re-evolution with a third album whose influences are far and wide, high and handsome and make up a belter of a guitar band record.

Release Date: 20th March 2020

Label: TOWN100

Formats: CD / DL / vinyl

It was in my days of helping to co-host the specialist music show Sonic Bandwagon on Stockport’s Pure FM (Hi Nige & Andy), oh it must be around 2013, I first heard Twisted Wheel. Probably one of Nige’s choices to be fair as he sported the Indie and associated shirt. Twisted Wheel fitted the bill perfectly with that inspiration that came from the Manchester Indie bosses and given their own spin.

And then they split. And then they reformed and went on tour with Liam Gallagher and proved that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not that it was deliberate but can be a handy move if you want a career boost. It’s also given the band the kick start that’s helped craft the new material.

And now we have the comeback album that picks up where they left off. Hopefully, no-one was holding their breath between albums. Nine songs from the indie maestro Jonny Brown with a couple of contributions from bass player Harry Lavin (including the mental health inspired groove-laden Black And Blue) make up the splendidly titled Satisfying The Ritual.

Attitude and swagger dominate proceedings be it with the snarl of Nomad Hat or the slow brood on Wrong Side Of The Road or the swerves into psychedelia, new wave, good old fashioned punk and, pause for breath, trip-hop. We’re not quite as territorial as we used to be so maybe we can accept the diversions

Then there’s the Show Me album closer that signs out on a back to basics piano and nylon guitar which is an unusual twist. The “show me” line almost seems to want to follow with “the way to go home” in a song that’s as revelatory and reflective as it’s unexpected.

Top track? 20/20 Vision is a blinding piece of guitar rock and roll where they’ve referenced the likes of The Beatles and Led Zep and in stark contrast to the gentle swing on Rebel. You you see the title tracks possibly dividing opinion. Their more experimental (and imaginative) side emerging and to be honest all the better for opting to veer off the tried and trusted (and some may argue limiting) Indie direction.

Contenders on the Manchester scene (Saddleworth is close enough for the association to count) Twisted Wheel can comfortably limber up and flex their muscles with their peers. The Blinders, Cabbage, Courteeners and Blossoms make up a potent team and proof that we’re still a force to be reckoned with up here.

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