India Electric Co. – The Gap: Album Review

Not letting any grass grow under their feet, Cole Stacey and Joseph O’Keefe, the duo who are the India Electric Co., return with the follow up to their debut that holds another shedload of influences.

Release Date: 1st May 2020

Label: Shoelay Music

Formats: CD / DL

Although The Gap is actually the follow up to their debut album, The Girl I Left Behind Me, a trilogy of EPs has kept up their profile and, erm, filled the gap.

That debut (released a remarkable five years ago) received much praise from the high profile broadcasters plus those of us further down the food chain with its direction veering wildly between roots music from Africa to Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The Gap comes inspired by a broad selection of the duo’s recent explorations including Bembé rhythms, Irish folk melodies and amongst others, Sarojini Naidu’s words. It’s another genuinely global outlook; a record that began life in England and travelled through seven different countries until being completed in New Zealand in 2020.

It lends weight to the notion of the evolution of (folk) songs; ever evolving and growing. A lot of influences – words from folk song collectors and poets – feed into their arrangements. Then, after racking my thoughts, I’m confess that Cole’s vocals remind me a bit like the brooding Sam Kelly style on occasions.

Musically there’s another wide pallette on offer. The accordion and fiddle give an immediate connection to the folk aspect, yet the strings, the rhythms and the synth moments are never far from easing the music down less travelled channels. It’s all very cleverly composed and arranged, and one likely to appeal to those who like their music with a refined and restrained touch.

Yes, The Gap is a set that’s very well played and exquisitely crafted and sometimes you just want them to do the musical equivalent of putting their foot through the ball and let rip a bit. Maybe an album that reveals more with repeat listening. One you need to work with.

Sparks flying? Not quite so sure, but it could be a case, to quote them, of holding onto the lightning. As Metallica said, maybe they should embrace and ride the lightning.

Listen to Great Circles here:

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