The Alligator Wine – Demons Of The Mind: Album Review

Vintage rock without guitars? The Alligator Wine show not only that it can be done but also how it’s done on their balls to the wall debut, Demons Of The Mind

Release Date: 24th April 2020

Label: Century Media

Formats: CD digipak / LP / DL

The two-man band – less is more right? – The Alligator Wine makes it happen. Thomas Teufel on drums and Rob Vitacca on organ and synths deliver what’s been described as “the kraut version of The Doors or Led Zeppelin.” Inspired by blues and rock of the 60-70s, The Alligator Wine serves up a different take on the current demand for vintage rock trends.

They’ve come some way from their experimental Krautrock origins with the definite nod to Iron Maiden’s Phantom Of The Opera at almost a minute in. It kicks the album into life coupled with a sense of musical vaudeville and the hint that listening is one thing, but these guys would put on one heck of a performance.

The organ stabs in Voodoo conjure up some thrilling demonic magic and a brilliant Satanic vibe on Ten Million Slaves. There’s no sympathy for the devil as the rattling percussion and fizzing organ chords provide a deep heartbeat for a freak out groove – tremendous stuff.

The “One foot in the disco, one foot in the grave” line from The Flying Carousel reinforces the promise that Demons Of The Mind offers the options of suicidal party mode or deep melancholy. Music to spice up any party or funeral. The angst-ridden dirge of Lorane is definitely at home in the latter category. The pulsing electro beats and Ferry-isms on Dream Eyed Little Girl sit right at home in the former. Booty shaking at the disco noire with a fist-pumping power ballad finish with Sweetheart On Fire.

Naturally, everything is organic and analogue with dense and fluid synth basses a la Moog, and distorted organ patched through a luminous Leslie. All accompanied by a barrage of drums. A rare old racket for two people to make. A celebratory debut and no reason to fear the ‘gators.

Listen to The Flying Carousel here:

The Alligator Wine online: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

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