Why I Love: Horisont on Genesis

Horisont recently released their sixth album. The Swedish rockers truly delivered; it’s better, harder, faster, higher! You can read our review here.

In the latest in our Why I Love series, we welcome Horisont to At The Barrier as they share their love of the music of Genesis; a band that many writers here on the At The Barrier admire. We’ve covered a fair bit of Steve Hackett material, and Anthony Phillips in our short existence as a site, and we will be in attendance when the band get around to their recently announced tour.

Without further ado…over to Horisont bassist, Magnus Delborg. Here is why he loves Genesis.

GENESIS Albums Ranked From Worst to Best - Prog Sphere

Well, I love Genesis in different ways I guess. The stuff they did during the 80’s with Phil Collins on main vocals, I do love, but more in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Or maybe just nostalgic. I remember sitting at home with my siblings in the sofa and we would go absolutely bonkers watching the Land Of Confusion video recorded from MTV onto a worn VHS tape.

However, my father was really in to Genesis and particularly the Peter Gabriel era up until 1975. This was the real stuff he said. Before they did cheesy ballads and pop music. So, I guess I’ve been groomed to believe this all through my upbringing. But I’m thankful for it.

As with most prog rock it takes some time to get in to the music, there is so much happening all the time, but when you finally get there, into the zone and you can kind of understand what is happening. It’s glorious. It’s like you learned a secret.

Selling England by the Pound - Wikipedia

I’m probably the only one in Horisont who really appreciates Genesis. I know that Axel (Horisont singer) was gifted a few of their records but he never got the music. That won’t stop me from, in almost every drunken moment, blasting Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (off Selling England By The Pound) at full volume and screaming along while simultaneously trying to air drum and air synthesize me all through its eight minutes.

In recent years we in Horisont has started to dip our toes into the progressive rock stew. I guess it was first really noticeable on Odyssey an eight minute space saga of the concept album with the same name. Yeah, more like a foot or a leg than a toe. Anyway, nowadays I can finally get an outlet for the endless inspiration Genesis has given me.

Many thanks to Magnus for writing for us. You can find out more about Horisont below.

Check out the excellent new single/video from Horisont here. Revolution is a Beatles/ELO tinged psychedelic rock tune with an excellent animated video.

Horisont: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

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