Portable Radio – s/t : EP Review

Portable Radio return with a follow up to their Christmas EP; and a pre-cursor to their forthcoming album.

Released: 22nd May 2020

Label: Self Release

Format: Digital

Releases that are 12 minutes long that aren’t singles are usually reserved for grindcore albums. This one doesn’t scrape the barrels of hell though; it’s a wonderfully chirpy, cheery and breezy collection of songs full of love.

According to the band, they channel Brian Wilson, Weyes Blood, Todd Rundgren, The Zombies, and Paul McCartney when he seemed to make all his music in a shed. The band are all about melodies; infectious ‘oooohhhhhs’ and ‘aaaaaahhhhs’ are sumptuously layered.

Flight Home brings the summer vibes with a little steel drum adorning its intro. Could I Be The One is a breezy little pop tune that could be mistaken for The Coral. Canadian Tuxedo has some great wordplay with an incredibly catchy ‘double denim’ refrain.

This EP is a great start point to introduce yourself to this immensely positive band before their debut LP is released. The album will be produced by friend and old band mate, the wonky pop genius Jim Noir.

Get your sunnies on, get a drink in a suitable receptacle, maybe with a little garnish, and let this short hit of summer serenade your ears.

Check out the animated video for Flight Home below. It’s fantastic!

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