Uncle Greedy – The Journey To Mile 39: EP Review

The debut EP from Uncle Greedy, The Journey To Mile 39, blends Folk-Rock and a bevvy of 60’s and 70’s influences.

Release Date: 1st June 2020

Label: 1877077 Records

Formats: CD / DL / streaming

Originally from London, Uncle Greedy is an artist who plays Folk-Rock and is heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s music, namely The Beatles, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, ELO, Tom Petty and current artists like Brian Fallon.

A somewhat late starter, only beginning to learn to play the guitar in his late teens, he felt a future in music was what he wanted out of life so he learned to play to piano and develop as a singer/songwriter.

National fame has eluded him so far but has made radio appearances around the world and counts playing the Foodies Festival in Brighton as his biggest gig to date along with a charity gig which was organised for Macmillan Cancer.

Uncle Greedy, who enjoys keeping his real identity secret, (you’ll struggle to find his real name anywhere) is set to launch his EP evening of 1st June 2020, on YouTube.

The EP includes 5 musical gems. The Caged Bird is a homely song; the gentle strumming of electric guitar with a neat minimalistic solo and some tuneful poetical lyrics celebrate the freedom of a caged bird released into the world. But he has his heavier sound too. On Midnight Train, a fuzzy riff drives powerfully amid echoing vocals while a searing guitar solo leaves no doubt to his versatile guitar skills.

My Reflection, a more acoustic tune with clever layered vocals and Gilmour style guitar solo, is a song of hope and reunion with lost love, and further substantiates Uncle Greedy’s versatility and skilful composition.

Originally a guitar man he has now added piano to his repertoire and reveals this on a sweet-toned ballad The Ghost Remains Final. Again lost love is the theme. Tasteful strings and the brief appearance of female backing singers are added to the melancholy.

Further reflections and positive feelings for the future are conveyed in the commercial poppy 2am New York Diner. A track which should, if it gets the deserved airplay, give him a wider national profile.

Uncle Greedy: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

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