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Butterfly released their Ranger 1 EP earlier this year. The EP is a short but sweet collection of songs that evoke the spirit of 70’s with jangling guitars, solid fuzzy bass lines, strong harmonies and an all round upbeat sensibility. If you want something to listen to at your socially distanced BBQ in the sunshine…look no further. You could add Butterfly to a playlist with the band that they have chosen to write about in our Why I Love column.

Eddie Taylor from Butterfly tells us all about Wings and what they mean to him.


Obviously the Beatles are a huge influence on us and on so many other artists. I really like some of George Harrison’s solo material, but when I heard Wings for the first time, they were everything I wanted them to be. I’m drawn to bands, so maybe that played a part…Wings were a band rather than a solo artist. There’s such variety and fun to be found; rocking chant anthems like Jet perfectly complemented by other sides of Paul McCartney’s writing, the softer sweet ballads such as Venus and Mars, or classic love songs like Silly Love Songs.   

I had vaguely been aware of Wings growing up. I’ve always known Band On The Run, but such a wide range of music was played in the car on long journeys and around our home when I was younger, so it’s quite difficult to pinpoint an exact moment…it would have just been while looking out of the car window though, I’m pretty sure.

Around four years ago I remember my twin Ollie (Vocals/Guitar) coming across a Wings music video featuring the band performing in a aeroplane hanger, wearing RAF Aviator Jackets. It was a song called Spin It On from their last album, Back To The Egg

This wasn’t a huge Wings hit, but it grabbed our attention instantly. I distinctly remember wanting to pick up a guitar and learn the whole thing straight away  

I think we wrote a song the very next day as a reaction, so that one basically hooked us in properly and now we have discovered so many more gems on all their albums, and in Paul’s solo work too.

Firstly as a live band they were just brilliant, but that wasn’t only the musicianship; it was also all about the arrangements, the great parts that fit together to give each song such character.

Secondly I think Wings and Paul have definitely guided our approach to writing. We put a really big emphasis on melody, and trying to create something that sounds different. We feel inspired definitely by the way they gave themselves the freedom to go anywhere musically…just to see what they might end up with….there’s a real sense of fun running through it all.

I love all the tracks I’ve mentioned already, but I’m really digging Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five from Band On The Run at the moment. It has such a cool rhythm too it, almost circus-vibe piano, which the drums accompany perfectly. 

Cover-wise, I love the simplicity of the Wings Over America live album. Its just the side of an aeroplane with a slick font. Simple but beautiful.  

I’ve seen a load of Wings and Paul live footage on YouTube, but have never seen him live. A few friends of ours have met and worked him, so of course we’re very envious. I’m sure Paul gets asked the same kind of questions all the time so if we ever did meet I think I’d have to have something completely surreal ready on my iPhone notes!

Many thanks to Eddie and Butterfly for their words on one of the greatest artists and bands of all time.

You can check out Butterfly’s latest videos below. If you follow the link to their website below you can listen to more from Butterfly.

Butterfly: Official Website / Facebook / Instagram

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