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So Far As I Know – Stellar Sense: EP Review

Three track EP packed with progressive/art rock sounds from the four piece instrumental band from Siberia, So Far As I Know.

Release Date: 7th August 2020

Label: Bandcamp

Formats: DL

There are plenty of bands out there playing the post-rock/ambient instrumental card. Long Distance Calling, Caspian, Maybeshewill, sleepmakeswaves and Explosions In The Sky have all hit the radar, so how does a band from Siberia match up.

When a band lists Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Steven Wilson, Opeth, Tesseract, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Katatonia, Hans Zimmer, Leprous, Haken, Queen, Led Zeppelin and Anathema amongst the “artists that we like” on their social media, you’re comfortable in the knowledge that you’re on the same page.

Clearly inspiration comes from not only their musical passions but in the vast landscapes of their homeland. On Stellar Sense, only a couple of minutes pass before we’re soaring courtesy of some shrill guitar flying atop the hefty rhythms. Midway through, an ominous sparseness takes over before a rubbery bassline and some explosive chording jolts the listener from any reveries. Classic stuff that sits comfortably with its peers in a busy genre.

Pale Light is much more about atmosphere; the proverbial cinematic vibe accompanied by a spoken word section and remains predominantly a calm mood piece. It feels like it’s over too quickly as the fade begins and completes the taster of what the Tangerine Dream/Mike Oldfield hoards should be honing in on.

A remix of the title track that’s edited down to almost half the original length and adds some electronic elements that set up a hypnotic and mesmerising groove although some of the repetition can be a little, erm, repetitive – some might say irritating. Interesting, not essential but you’ll maybe find a return to the original version much more satisfying.

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