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Sukh – Falling Asleep With The TV On: EP Review

Three tracks from Sukh, oft described as the singing doctor which massively understates his value as a genuine musical talent and key worker.

Release date: 18th September 2020

Label: independent release

Format: DL

Following up on the Galactic Love Machine album from 2018 (2013’s Kings is a must though) are three songs recorded entirely in isolation during the COVID-19 crisis. A record of and inspired by unprecedented times, the EP touches on the emotional states induced by the pandemic. And you can say that we have someone here who knows what they’re talking about.

Like any good medical practitioner, the music has a calming presence. Having said that, Airborne (no relation to the massive track by Manchester’s Amplifier from a decade ago) bucks the trend and expectation, appearing as a brooding and ominous cloud. A stomping rhythm holds the piece together that owes more to Hawkwind than singer-songwriter and as threatening as the airborne threat of a lethal virus.

Lyrically it’s heavyweight too, being an analysis of the fear-induced state of mind that gripped the nation at the beginning of the pandemic. The soundtrack fits like a glove. Dense and almost so thick you can taste it.

Already released as a single, Nightingale -no surprise to hear the “how long can this go on?” line – details the emotionally complex journeys of health care workers throughout the crisis and examines their daily sacrifices. The most typically Sukh track – you can apply the ‘instantly recognisable’ tag here – where the intimate evolves into the soothing lushness that’s at the core of Sukh’s music.

With a new wave shimmer, the title track touches on escapism into digital forms of entertainment and the longing to escape abroad. The starkest of the pieces, brief Eighties passages kick some life into the song as some of the new terminology (breaking the bubble) gets some use. Thoughts of heading to the ocean and getting some sun and a change of musical pallette induce a dreamy wish.

Whilst the medical evidence for falling asleep with the TV on can have adverse effects (something to do with the effect of blue light on the quality of sleep from a cursory googling), actually listening to Falling Asleep With The TV On is surely a more worthwhile experience. Subtly thought-provoking, inspired and a nice addition to a classy little catalogue.

Listen to Airborne here:

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