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Edenthorn – A Matter Of Opinion: Single Review

We’ve crossed paths with Edenthorn in the past having listened to their second album, Exist, for Powerplay magazine back in 2018. Their brand of melodic/alternative/heavy rock is genuinely refreshing and it’s good to see them ‘back’!

They’ve just released a new single in A Matter of Opinion. It’s a song about “sticking your middle finger up at those who try to tear you down,” says singer Kyle Tague. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good you are within your field, someone is always going to have an opinion. But that’s all it is… an opinion.”

We’re promised it’s the first of many new releases in the coming months. 2020 seems to have been reasonably productive, securing slots at various Festivals and using lockdown time to create some new music. A new album is due in 2021, but for now, the ball has begun to roll with A Matter Of Opinion.

If I’m not mistaken, there’s a real swagger about this one. If we’re allowed to say it without offending anyone, it has a real cock-rocking stance about it. The feet are definitley more than shoulder width apart.

Amongst the hefty riffing there’s a new wave/punky energy – I get a bit of Billy Duffy and the Cult with some of those razor-sharp riffs and there’s a forthright and badass attitude that comes across in the lyric. A blunt message to all misguided and self-centered souls.

Well, well, well…here’s another know-it-all
You might as well talk to the wall
Say what you say
I’m not listening anyway
It’s just a matter of opinion, baby
And I no longer care…

Watch the brand new video for A Matter Of Opinion here:

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