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Emily Breeze – Confession Of An Ageing Party Girl: New single

“Nothing glitters when you’re gone.” A thick slice of melancholy pop noir from Emily Breeze.

Release date: 29th October 2020

Label: Sugar Shack Records

Format: DL

The party’s over…house lights on.

Another teaser glides into view as the second single from Emily Breeze’s forthcoming 2021 album struggles to drag itself from the party one last time.

The Soundcloud bio which paints Emily Breeze as “cult heroine of Bristol’s underground music scene,” the former focal point of Psychedelic Post-Punk outfit Candy Darling can now be found posing in photos with a frighteningly huge hound. That and issuing forth what’s described as a “glitter drenched gothic disco anthem” on the new single Confessions Of An Ageing Party Girl.

The ageing party girl of the title, reluctant to call time, to face the reality in the cold light of day. Spoken word reminiscences accompany the guitar twang and what I can’t get out of my head is Goodbye Horses and Buffalo Bill cross-dressing in his cellar in Silence Of The Lambs. Even the “nothing glitters when you’re gone” hook seems to fit the bill.

Thankfully we veer off and can shake a leg as the luxurious synths kick in to go arm in arm with the disco pulse countered by a make-up running, broken heeled despondency. Moving sideways, never moving on. Living in the past on memories of times when “we were running wild.” The spirit is willing but the flesh is weakening.

All the stark reality of Jarvis Cocker, the Patti Smith and the Nick Cave/The Cure comparisons can be brushed aside as reference points, no longer necessary. Emily Breeze can take care of herself.

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