Tankus The Henge – Luna Park!: Album Review

A bagful of Gonzo Rock ‘n’ roll from Tankus The Henge as we enter the fantasy land of Luna Park!

Release date: 4th December 2020

Label: TTH001CD

Format: CD / DL / LP

We’ve had close encounters with Tankus The Henge a few times in the past. At various festivals we’ve been at the barrier (or even in front of the barrier in the photo pit) and been fogged out by smoke emerging from the stand up piano. We’ve also feared for our lives as Jaz Delorean casts aside any thoughts of risk assessments or health & safety and climbed atop said piano on the cusp of some death-defying stunt.

It’s that sense of fun and joie de vivre and indeed escapism that attracts us to the neon signs which guide our way into Luna Park; a place of asylum, a utopian world without prejudice and where weird and wonderful characters can take out thoughts from the blandness and boredom of reality.

We’re promised: “pitch-black satire shrouded in a neon glow” as we escape into a fantasy world that’s naturally soundtracked by an outrageous and glamorous rock and roll attitude. New forms of music are the norm concocted from and blending together into a new Henge styled stew. Wild abandon with a self-assured swagger.

Along the way, we meet up with Susie Sidewinder, Sundance Kid and Fayaway via Glam Rock, cool Steely Dan jazz grooves, gospel-Psych and brassy sleaze. The huge Samba jamboree on the title track and then a blitz of a barroom brawl on the Staying On This Side Of The Dirt as a finale. Charms that are hard to resist; a Glitterlung seduction and an airy late-night vibe find the punters falling for the call of Luna Park. The Latino twist and tease of Susie Sidewinder that smooches with a gypsy smoulder is hard to resist. Grinning like a Cheshire cat indeed.

In all truth and seriousness, there’s the ongoing analogy to the demise of independent venues that Jaz Delorean (and his crew) and many MANY others cut their teeth. Luna Park is the new kid on the block, rising from the ashes of the likes of he 12 Bar Club and Alleycat in London’s famous Tin Pan Alley, Denmark Street.

Pure escapism and a surreal world where you can be seduced by the undercurrent of sleaze.T urn your back on Glitterlung and find a better way of life in Luna Park With Tankus The Henge providing the piped music, you’ll never want for Disneyland ever again.

Get a flavour of Tankus from The Dark Night Of The Soul from their second album:

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