Lucas Lee – Sindrome de Estocolmo: Album Review

An angry concept album resplendent in intricate, progressive rock exploring a dark theme of strange relationships between captor and captive from Canadian composer  Lucas Lee with regular collaborator  Marco Minneman.

Release date:  2nd February 2021

Label: LucasLeeMusic

Format:  CD / Digital

The  guitars, bass, keyboards and piano of Lucas Lee , a Washington-State-based, Canadian multi-instrumentalist and composer and  drums of Marco Minnemann make up this combo of instrumental wizardry .

If you are looking for an album to  smash away all those frustrations  and  anger you have built up recently this is the one. Some resort to donning boxing gloves and pounding  the leather off  a punchbag  or grabbing the nearest racket and ball  and crashing it against a wall. Lucas Lee grabs a guitar and contorts notes and explodes musical mayhem to  express “aggression, despair, anguish and urgency”  on Syndrome de Estocolmo  to musically evidence the plight of individual confined  in oppressive conditions, and explores their developing  a state of  Stockholm Syndrome in which  the incarcerated fosters  an  unexpected disjointed relationship towards those impounding them.

He clearly has a lot to get off his chest  as this is a 68 minute epic of relentless turmoil through the  media of  hard, metal  and progressive  on this avant garde extravaganza of  sonic exploration.

Lucas Lee guitar compositions  have  been described as having “sporadic sprinkles of dense and unconventional harmonisation” whilst Marco Mannerman’s drumming  is full of “masterful polyrhythm and playful odd-meter grooves.

The absence of  lyrics,  apart from a brief appearance from voice-over actor Jordan Reynolds,  leaves the accurate instrumental  interpretation of a very serious topic a purely individual matter.

Lucas says: “I’ve poured in everything I have and pulled every trick up my sleeve into this project.”

With no track under six minutes  every track is a hefty, fervent and refined experience but there  is melody and purpose.

Lucas Lee online: Website / Twitter / YouTube / Bandcamp

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