One to watch in ’21 – introducing Toria Wooff

“A Seventies throwback with finesse.” Manchester folk-rock singer-songwriter Toria Wooff has a new single and with plans afoot for this to be only the start, her take on the sound of Elton John via the Floyd, stirs the soul.

Toria Wooff - Rocket Man - Press Shot 1

Not just a musician, but with toes dipped in the water as painter, poet, songwriter and storyteller, Toria Wooff stands, allegedly, in the crossfires of gothic literature and pained Americana.

However, it’s how she takes inspiration from a love affair with the 1970s that piques the interest. It was a pretty cool time; some of us were there when the pants were wider and the hair longer so it’s great to see and hear a musician who appreciates the finer things in life.

For a taster, and you won’t regret it, take a listen to the new single which sees her following her penchant for the retro and taking Elton’s Rocket Man for a new spin. The Wooff vocals emerge from the a gentle wash of Scott Poley’s pedal steel and Hammond organ, taking us back to the golden era of folk-rock. In fact it’s that pedal steel in the intro that might well transport some of us back to a place the dark side of the moon. It sets up a brief expectancy that Clare Torry is set to let loose on that famous wailing passage a the end of side one. However, the whole song is testament to a sympathetic band arrangement and six fellow musicians who are sensitive to the song. Indeed, it feels apt to say that the outfit have created a piece that hints at like what it would sound like if Rog & Co covered Elton – with Toria as guest vocalist natch.

Toria’s version of Elton’s Rocket Man is the first of six planned singles due for release this year.  The radar is set and o doubt we’ll be reporting back

In the meantime, it’s also well worth checking Toria’s Youtube channel where you’ll find a handful of covers from Joan Baez (Toria’s version proves more faithful than the Judas Priest cover…) to The Stones and Townes Van Zandt. If you enjoy Rocket Man these stripped-back versions will be right up your street. The requests might come flooding in…

Toria Wooff online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bandcamp / Youtube

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