Wavewulf – Space Art And Angels: Album Review

Synth genius Wavewulf releases electrifying new album Space Art And Angels. A journey through every realm of space, time and life, Wavewulf has you covered. Following the success of the previous album Green Decay, Space Art And Angels definitely lives up to any expectations and exceeds them into outer space.

Release Date: 22nd January 2021


CD / Digital

Electronic music is always evolving. Synth wizard Wavewulf returns with expansive new album Space Art And Angels, released at the end of January. Following a similar path to previous album Green Decay, Space Art And Angels has support from across the globe, making it another huge success for Nicholas Long, the mastermind behind Wavewulf.

Based in New Jersey, Nicholas’ passion for synths is a huge part of his life. After hearing Depeche Mode live and getting the bug to start music himself, the one-man band is the definition of a keyboard warrior. Space Art And Angles is an album for fans of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Wendy Carlos to name a few. Armed with sixteen tracks (8 on each side), the album is split into two sections and comes across as a sort of concept album that will leave you emotionally attached.

An elevating journey through outer space, the cosmos and dimensions, Space Art And Angels explores the human condition and soul. Besides the already prominent environmental, political and philosophical themes in his music, Wavewulf says that creating music is a sort of healer to him.

Tracks such as Stranger Things infused number “Waverunner Symphony” that pulsates with a Depeche Mode style rhythm, to ambient anthem ‘Planetarium’ – which is armed with a powerful vocal that could easily soothe your soul, ‘Space Art and Angels’ escapes reality for just under an hour. Celestial and could easily be the new soundtrack to a film like ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ – Wavewulf’s music is refreshingly unique.

Having been there for him and being a shoulder to lean on during his parents’ deaths, music is definitely something that Nicholas can be proud of and this album is a clear statement of why.

Listen to Space Capsule from Wavewulf below.

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