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Ariana Fig – Taboo: EP Review

Canadian singer songwriter Ariana Fig releases her new EP, Taboo. It contains four songs full of warm synths and plenty of 80’s nostalgia.

Released: 19th March 2021

Label: Self-Released

Format: Digital

From the cover of Taboo, you get a little hint as to the style of this EP; the neon glow of it sets the scene.

Feel Alive opens the EP with an upbeat feel. The guitar brings sunshine and Ariana Fig shows off her powerful voice for the first time. Multi-layered vocals lead to a restrained yet hugely uplifting opener. The title track of the EP is a full synth affair. Fig’s vocals sit atop warm synths that go deep into the song with regal quality. You could draw comparisons with Janelle Monae in the delivery of the vocal. There is a soulful quality to the song showing a real variation between the first and second tracks.

Ocean is unashamedly 80’s in its demeanor. Again, the hazy synths swirl and the beat builds and rises throughout the song. Like the rest of the EP, there is a huge slice of sunlight shining on these songs. The layering and production in the song is the most impressive of the three tracks on Taboo. It also features a very catchy chorus and a brilliant little guitar solo as the song plays out. Dance With Me closes out the EP in downtempo fashion. Fig is accompanied primarily by her piano but the harmonies that are added to the sing really bring colour to the musical tapestry in a gospel style.

Lyrically, the songs talk of love and dreams, and there is buckets of wanderlust from this young singer songwriter. When you peel of the layers of the songs, some of the lyrics resonate on a deeper level giving an added darkness to the more obvious light. Taboo is a wonderful little EP that will whet the appetite for future releases.

You can listen to Taboo from Ariana Fig via Apple Music here or Spotify here. Listen to Ocean below.

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