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Ragz Nordset – Little Stings: EP Review

Previously released in 2008, 13 years later,  a re-release from Norwegian  Ragz Nordset will astound,  thrill and amaze you.

Release date: 26th March 2021

Label: Mellowtone Records

Format: Streaming

Some music enthralls you from the first listen because of their dance ability; it might rock you from head to toe or have catchy singalong tunes but Little Stings catches you with the incomparable, powerful and emotional vocal ability of Ragz. She empties her heart and soul into a set of flowing and haunting songs enhanced by piano and guitar self accompaniments and subtle drum beats that complement the mood of each track.

This too-short recording opens with Where It’s Gone on which Ragz’ heavenly voice floats and soars both melodically and strongly. She has the uncanny ability to switch at the turn of a second from calm, tender tones to then strike with heart-rending, whip-cracking vigour. Most of the songs fit the balladeer style but she can draw on her Norwegian folky side for songs like Run, Mosquito Man and Feel Something. The final track Breathe, is taken from a live performance and clearly indicates she can adeptly replicate her evocative studio performance to the live stage.

It is inescapable to perceive the lush detail in such profoundly moving well-crafted songs. What is most striking is the deep honesty and conviction unfurled in them. Ragz believes,“good songs are born when you feel the melody in and on your skin, and when the words become bridges rather than barriers.”

These touching songs will reach everyone in different ways and it is unfair to pick out a particular song above another but her live performances are stunning.

Achieving millions of streams and notable support spots, Ragz is a latent candidate for increased fame if that is what she desires. The songs may not be the stuff of chart success, but who cares when the quality of songs on Little Stings is supreme. Mellowtone deserves credit for having the foresight to give them a second chance.

Listen to a live version of Breathe from Ragz Nordset, below. You can stream the EP here.

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