der Mist – self titled: Album Review

Looking to take the reins and become the next ‘big thing’ out of Scotland, could der Mist be in line for Daft Punk’s throne? With their self-titled, debut album, der Mist is an exciting outfit that deserves wider recognition.

Release Date: 4th February 2021

Label: Killing Moon

Format: Digital

der Mist is a passionate duo with endless talents. By endless we mean, literally endless. Multi-talented and armed with personality-driven music, Craig McKissick and Ali Whitty are der Mist and are currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. After a line of successful singles taken from their debut album, der Mist finally drop their 14-track masterpiece into the world. An intoxicating mix of rock, pop, new wave, post-punk and electronica – what more could you possibly want?

Guiding listeners through a modern world of nightmare and societal change, singles such as Step Into Light, It’s Alright and In My Dreams have wowed BBC Radio Scotland, and we’re not surprised. Innovative and issuing a warrant that you must stop what you’re doing and listen to their addictive music, this self-titled debut is up there with the greats. Instantly cementing legendary status, the self-titled album has been described by der Mist as: “just a wee thing that we have been saying the whole way through. We made this with the idea that it is built to last, we’re not trying to jump on to any music fads or be part of a scene. We just love music and we hope people can put this on and get something from it, even 10 years down the line.”

Tracks that stand out from the crowd come in the form of Red Light and its engaging sample and funk-meets-electronica instrumentation. Armed with an ear-worm chorus that you won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon, other stand-out moments are electronic-rock infused Music On The Radio and indie-pop contender In My Dreams. Capturing the raw talent of Scotland in the palm of its hand, this self-titled debut couldn’t have anything bad written about it.

Formed during the COVID-lockdowns, der Mist avoids any typical rulebook you could ever think of and refuse to be sheep. Avoiding gimmicks, fake news and beyond, the innovative two-piece is hungry for the industry, and this album definitely showcases that. Driven by riffs and attitude, get this album in your collection – you won’t be disappointed.

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