Anna Elizabeth Laube – Annamania: Album Review

The fifth release from Anna Elizabeth Laube, Annamania, will bring a breath of fresh air to your spring listening with a joyful mix of country sounds.

Release Date: 2nd March 2021

Label: Continental Song City

Format: CD / Streaming

Had enough of doom-laden, angry tunes and lyrics over the last 12 months? Well, here’s the album that filters out all that angst. The songs may dwell on the many aspects of the love of people and places, however the freshness of Anna Laube’s singing is a refreshing change.

She warmly and tenderly invites you in to share her heartfelt and intimate thoughts with a set of country ballads, blues, and Texacarna rhythms. Each song is proficiently fashioned with varying accompaniments to suit the mood. Whereas many songs of this type can be too sickly and sugar-coated, the passion on Annamania is honest and beguiling.

Known for being a solo multi-instrumentalist, the guitar is employed in a number of styles; from precise fingerstyle to chunky strumming,  intricate steel guitar and fuzzy stomping. Her adept soothing piano playing can also accompany her calming voice. Although her crystal clear singing is generally melancholic,  she can sing mournful blues without wailing, be rocky without being coarse, and offer enough country twang without making you twinge.

Annamania, which has already received some notoriety and debuted at number 2 on the Euro Americana Charts. features 13 songs including the single, Jardim da Estrela, about Lisbon, Portugal, where she is currently resides.

It’s been noted that ‘as with all of the best singer-songwriters, Ms. Laube can tell a magnificent story with the subtlety of the finest poets.‘ You’ll find lyrics such as:

“Head first I dove into the center of the earth, Release and rebirth, But like an anchor from a boat I hit the bottom, Then I signaled to you, made it all the way through and you said, Baby, you were already there.” ( from Beautiful Boy)

Similarly touching and poignant is her tribute to the late Tom Petty in her cover of Time To Move On, which is a sheer delight. So whether you want swampy blues as on If You Build It or traditional shuffling country as on Sweet Boy From Minnesota you will wallow in pleasure listening to Annamania.

Listen to All my Runnin’ below. You can purchase the album through Bandcamp, here.

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