Bewitcher – Cursed Be Thy Kingdom: Album Review

Bewitcher return with their third album, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom. It’s the band’s first release on Century Media.

Released: 16th April 2021

Label: Century Media

Format: CD / Cassette / Vinyl / Digital

Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is the third album from Portland speed metal trio, Bewitcher, and it is a marked step up for the band. Whilst Bewitcher’s previous efforts have both been solid efforts, Cursed Be Thy Kingdom feels tighter, harder, slicker, but it still retains the rough and ready nature of the band.

Ashe opens up the album in prelude type fashion; it feels like the soundtrack to a group of outlaws riding into town to rip the place up. Over the course of the next thirty five minutes, Bewitcher blaze an unholy trail.

Death Returns fires into action with guitar and bass traversing before the drums propel the song. Immediately, the bands penchant for classic heavy metal and hard rock is evident. As the solo kicks in, the drums get hard and heavy. Be in no doubt, this is a real headbangers album.

‘Don’t close your eyes or hold your breath, the night is here,’ proclaims vocalist Von Bewitcher Satanick Magick Attack. Bewitcher once again embrace the darkness and make it sound so good. Electric Phantoms kicks things up a notch with the tempos. The bass work of Magus shines as the song moves forward and coupled with a tempo change and another soaring solo, what’s formed is a highly impressive middle section.

Mystifier (White Night City) uses the tried and tested formula but what the band have in their arsenal is the ability to produce great hooks and catchy vocal lines. The mid song gallop is joyous. The title track continues the galloping nature of the album recalling Killers era Iron Maiden – the band clearly look to their influences but have their unique take in the music they make.

As the album rolls through its duration, there is no let up. Valley Of The Ravens is arguably the high point of this brilliant album. Again, the vocal hooks and towering guitars are emphatic. ‘What a lovely day for an execution,’ growls Von Bewitcher…I couldn’t agree more! Versatility in the Bewitcher camp is once again on show because the solo has a bluesy feel atop the rolling bass before exploding with fury.

Meteal Burner starts with an old school 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 before more fast paced, devil summoning brilliance. Sign Of The Wolf closes out the album and has a feel of Ghost in it’s sinister vocals and chunky riffs.

Cursed Be Thy Kingdom is an album that you should wreck your neck to. It takes no prisoners and whilst having a bigger budget and perhaps a little more studio wizardry at play, the band do not compromise their values. They rock hard, they rock fast, they pay homage to the dark lord, and ultimately, they deliver. The artwork from Paolo Girardi is also truly spectacular.

Watch the video for Bewitcher’s Valley Of The Ravens below. Stay tuned for our Interview with Bewitcher in the coming days.

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