Why I Love: Seafoam Green on Little Feat

Seafoam Green is made up of Dave O’Grady & Muireann McDermott Long. The band is set to release their second LP entitled Martin’s Garden. The album is full of a wonderful array of music and styles that are expertly delivered. It is a real treat.

In anticipation of Martin’s Garden being released on June 1st, the band join us to share their love of one of their favourite bands; Little Feat.

Little Feat | WMKY
Little Feat

It’s hard to talk about Little Feat without acknowledging the rarity that is Lowell George’s voice. Maybe I’m biased as a singer, but the first time I heard that low syrupy drawl in Roll Um Easy, from Dixie Chicken, I started really listening in.
There’s an earnest quality to his voice that has always struck me – some artists just do that to you. Playing that record too, heading from the stripped back Rollum into the saucy backing vocal heavy keys groovjam of ‘On Your Way Down’ highlights the dynamite combination that makes up the band; Payne and George.

Speaking of Bill Payne, keys have always stood out to me when listening to Little Feat, how could they not. Whether it’s Payne’s suitable immodest organ, driving Rhodes rhythms, or iconic riffs, not to mention the soulful flourishes that permeate every gap that calls out for one, it’s hard not to say that it’s obvious that Little Feat was formed by a singer and a keyboard player.

For me, it’s such an expressive and emotive ensemble that drips soulful class even when the grooves are the nastiest stankiest things you’ve ever heard – Spanish Moon for instance, is another of my favourite tracks. How the song navigates the amount that is actually going on with the brass section and backing vocals (male BVs are my secret favourite!) and still manages to remain a laid back jive is everything!

I’ve mentioned backing vocals a few times without really acknowledging them as another massively integral part of Little Feat and another reason I love them. My mother loves the track Dixie Chicken, and I remember when I first heard it, I was totally blown away by the power of the backing vocals and it only got better when the next track ‘Two Trains’ came on.

I think if I had to pick a favourite record it would be Feats Don’t Fail Me Now, it’s just the grooviest album. How can you go wrong with Rock & Roll Dr, Skin it Back and Spanish Moon all on the same disc?! However, Representing the Mambo, gave me Texas Twister and for that I am forever thankful! There is a road back home in Connemara called the Sky Road, and one of my favourite things t do when I’m back is put on that track and drive fast round the top of it – the views are spectacular and I feel like I’m in some high stakes rally driving for my life!

Our thanks go to Seafoam Green for sharing their love of the brilliant Little Feat.

Pre-order the forthcoming record on vinyl from Seafoam Green through Diggers Factory here. You can pre-order the album on CD here, and find out more about the band here.

The band recently released their new video for Mine All Mine. Whet your appetite below.

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