Moth Effect – Hovering: Album Review

The latest in the Cue Dot Records series sees Moth Effect (Andy Le Gresley) delve into the world of kosmische, loops and the joy of repetition. Simon Tucker reviews.

Release Date: 14th May 2021

Label: Cue Dot Records

Format: CD / DL

Today (14th) sees the release of the latest in the Cue Dot Records interwoven series of releases. This time it is the turn of Moth Effect (Andy Le Gresley) to add his own chapter and this time round we delve in to the world of kosmische, synth pop and the beauty of repetition repetition repetition.

With Hovering Gresley offers an escape path for anyone stuck in a rut of lockdown stress or general anxiety via the means of playful escapism. The album is, from the very beginning, something that refuses to allow you take yourself seriously as it is infected with uplifting melodies, ridiculously catchy hooks and a perpetual sense of forward motion. Hovering is also unashamed of its roots and heritage as it flickers between dance-floor fillers such as Shader and Soft Darts and the more esoteric tracks like More Work and Hot Chocolate II. Hovering feels like a long lost late 70s album that has been quietly influential featuring songs you would find on a Soul Jazz compilation and this is not meant in any negative or dismissive way as every second of this album flows with the obvious love of specific times and places. This in turn makes Hovering feel instantly familiar even if you are hearing it for the first time.

Throughout Hovering’s running time you are planted in Joe Meek’s flat studio (Summer 99), the Blitz club night (Shader), Conny Plank’s famous studio (Hovering) and a late 70s Manchester squat (Sweet Home) and in lesser hands that could feel disjointed and muddled but what Andy Le Gresley achieves is to make these stylistic shifts flow in to each other wonderfully so the journey is a gentle and pleasant one.

There is nothing throwaway or disposable in Hovering’s passion for the more electronic side of pop music yet it truly does manage to carry throughout a wonderful sense of fun and happiness . A fine balance between the playful and progressive and an album that leaves you in a far better state than when you first hit play. A much-needed distraction where over nine songs you can lose yourself in a world full of bright colours and optimism oh and a healthy dose of repetition repetition repetition (did I say that before?)

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