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Dust Radio – Shotgun Shack: EP Review

With a strong connection to traditional blues influences, Shotgun Shack is the debut EP from local duo Dust Radio. The EP really conjures up the Southern blues sound.

Release date: 28th May 2021

Label: Lunaria Records 

Format:  Digital / CD

Raw and rootsy is written on the cover and this swampy blues does exactly what it says on the tin – straight from the Stockport delta! It’s stomping exceptional blues from gritty vocalist/harmonica player Paddy Wells and guitarist Tom Jackson.

The sound conjures up smoky, beer-tanged bars. It’s a pity indoor festivals like the Colne Rhythm and Blues festival have bitten the dust to deny local bluesmen like Dust Radio an audience they need and deserve. 

This  5 track EP serves as a taster for an album release due in the Autumn. It advertises their strong influences of familiar blues legends. Solely dependent on chunky, fuzzy guitar riffs and soulful harmonica to drive songs along you hardly miss the absence of drums but you’ll easily apply the beat yourself as foot-stomping or hand slaps are infectious and unavoidable.

Overall credits for writing and composing are shared as Paddy Wells informs us, “It’s a combined effort,…….Tom brings the guitar ideas and riffs, and I add the melody and lyrics.”

Although discerning blues fans will recognise the lads’ tenacity and unwavering loyalty to the blues tradition, their guile and strong sense of purpose to replicate solid, quality blues should not go unrewarded.

Listen to their new single Dead Man’s Crawl taken from the Shotgun Shack EP.

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