Singles Round Up – June 2021

We take a look at a handful of recently released singles! Watch the videos, stream the singles, support the artist directly (if you can). These singles from vulpes, Venus Grrrls, TONYB., Morly and Lingua Ignota are all unique and wonderful.


vulpes – Soho

vulpes is the new stage name/pseudonym for the superb Maz O’Connor. Lockdown led to Maz O’Connor exploring sounds and styles away from what you would usually expect from her, musically. Whilst Soho has a sound reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s latest offerings, and dashes of Radiohead ambience, Maz’s voice still shines the brightest amongst the elements. Whether solo or part of wonderfully constructed harmonies, there is a warmth and splendour in the vocal delivery. It is exciting to think what is to come from vulpes. You can stream the single here and read Maz’s Why I Love contribution here.

TONYB. – Doubt Me

Doubt Me encompasses self-confidence, vulnerability and living 100% authentically. TONYB. delivers his message with no hesitation. Co-produced by long-time collaborator Jon O’Hara, Doubt Me has a fierce undertone while still maintaining the beauty of his soulful vocals and honest lyrics. The production has a more streamlined drill influence amongst the pulsing 808’s and echoing melodies that scream power and confidence. There is also the fact that the single sees the first time TONYB. openly discusses his experiences as a queer person of colour. You can stream the single here.

Venus Grrrls – Hate Me

Venus Grrrls are no strangers to the pages at At The Barrier. They have released a slew of killer singles over the past few years that have caught our attention and their star is gradually getting brighter. We saw them supporting Black Moth a couple of years ago, and their new single shows them only going from strength to strength. Hate Me is a riotous two and a half minutes from the Leeds five piece. Heavy guitars, pulsing bass and smashing drums all coalesce to create a massively hook laden song. This is another exciting step up for the band. Stream the single here.

Morly – Dance To You

Originally from the twin towns of St. Paul and Minneapolis Morly is now based in the UK. While in Minnesota she was part of the musical project Gayngs alongside Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver and Phil Cook of Megafaun. She also toured with Låpsley in North America. Dance To You has a wonderfully sultry vibe as Morly’s vocal shimmers with electricity atop the music. You can pick out dashes of Patti Smith and Aretha Franklin in the rich textures of the song. The video is also dizzyingly brilliant too. You can stream the single here.

Lingua Ignota – Pennsylvania Furnace

Kristin Hayter, the classically trained multi-instrumentalist, performance artist, and vocalist known as Lingua Ignota has announced her Sargent House debut. Her new single, Pennsylvania Furance was all directed, shot, and edited by Hayter herself using remarkable imagery and the landscapes of rural Pennsylvania. The song reflects on the inevitability of God’s judgment, evoking the legend of an 18th-century ironmaster whose dogs return to drag him down to hell after he throws them all into his furnace in a rage. This is sure to be one of the albums of the year, and this video is one of the best of the year too.

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