Heavy Metal Round Up – June 2021

We take a look at some of the most recent heavy metal releases from the world of heavy metal. Our round up takes us to Europe and South America.

Insurgent – Colours Bleed

Bands don’t come any fresher than Insurgent, a thrilling new prospect from the UK with their debut EP Sentient due on 6th August. Insurgent blend soaring vocal melodies with a crushing rhythm section, bringing to the fore a hugely exciting modern metal offering. Elements of prog metal in the vein of TesseracT and The Agonist meld with stadium-filling anthems not far removed from Alter Bridge, Trivium, and Jinjer.

Overhate – The Penance And The Lesson

Venezuelan thrash titans Overhate have released a new video for The Penance And The Lesson. It’s a monstrous and hard-hitting depiction of luck, fate, frustration and aggression, as they furiously navigate the waves of thrash, death, technical and progressive metal. Overhate took 2020 to release their third album New Beginnings Are Met, of which The Penance And The Lesson is the spearhead. If you like your metal hard, fast, thrashy and to the point, then Overhate will hit the spot. There is plenty of great riffs and some great solo work that will satisfy many a metal fan.

Pentral – The Shell I’m Living In

Pentral is a new Brazilian band that mixes hard rock and progressive metal music. Although brothers Victor Lima (vocals and guitar), and Vagner Lima (drums), and their third bandmate Joe Ferry (bass) had already worked together before, they are releasing their debut album as Pentral this year. Pentral has been around since last year dropping some versions of classic rock songs from iconic bands through their YouTube channel, like Queen, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. On The Shell I’m Living In you can hear the influences of the band shine through in amongst impassioned vocals, deft lead guitar work and pulsing and pounding drums.

Maps & Foils – Abûime

Maps & Foils is a Parisian metal / post-hardcore band active since 2016. In love with the concept of breakup, the tightrope walker mixes metallic riffs and ethereal melodies to serve their disillusions. After their first album and a digital single in Fin Du Monde, Maps And Foils returned in 2020 with ‘Les Anathèmes’, a mathcore EP foreshadowing the storm to come. Their new album, called Less Is Mort, is the logical continuation of this evolution always on the verge of collapse, on the borders of metal and post-hardcore.

Agrypnie – Verwüstung

Verwüstung is the second single released from Agrypnie’s forthcoming album Metamorphosis, following Wir Ertrunkenen. Verwüstung  translates to havoc in English and the cinematic video from these German post black metallers encapsulates this perfectly. The song is harmonically powerful on many levels. There is a ferocity to the riffing and drumming that will satiate fans of Agalloch, Wolves In The Throne Room, Deafheaven and Alcest.

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