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Hushtones – Sinking: New Single Review

Sinking, the new single from Liverpool’s Hushtones is out now.

A band who weave a course in and out of 60s and 70s rock. With their exquisite female and male vocal melodies and versatile songwriting, the Liverpool five-piece have produced their biggest body of work so far. It’s properly diverse and includes dreamy pop singles, coffee shop blues tunes and no-nonsense rock and roll.

For a hint of what Hushtones have up their sleeve, take a listen to the new single – Sinking.

A driving little rock and roll number with those lush vocals right at the business end. The needle on the feelgood factor scale is nudging the red. SInking is just the tip of the iceberg that comes in the form of Greetings From The Other Side. The album is set for release on the 6th August. We’ve had a sneak preview and will be running our review ahead of the release date.

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