Kyros – Recover: Album Review

Synth Proggers, Kyros, continue to embrace the new trends in the music world and offer up a set that shows off their influences.

Release Date: 20th August 2021

Label: White Star Records

Formats: CD / Digital

We rather enjoyed Kyros’ Celexa Dream which was released just over a year ago. We similarly enjoyed looking at who the band chose to cover on Recover. Some interesting choices among the selection see the Kyros crew adding their own synth power to songs familiar and some not quite so. We had a quick tumble with Recover and found a smart little set.

Drummer Robin Johnson has already confessed to us (and any readers) of his love for Rush (read Robin’s Why I Love Rush here) so no surprise we get two offerings plucked from the holy triumvirate. From the more keyboard phases of the band, Hold Your Fire’s Force Ten and Where’s My Thing from Roll Your Bones, where the funky instrumental – is that where the ‘slapping the baysss’ phrase comes from? – is only missing (understandably) The Professor’s incredible drum parts. Both tracks are perfect for the Kyros treatment, particularly the hurry-scurry of the Force Ten verses.

They’re prefaced by Genesis’ Behind The Lines. Again all synth power and dare I say, a better stab at the guitar part where the original shows some of Mike Rutherford’s fledgling attempts at picking up the lead guitar in the Hackett-less lineup.

Devin’s The Fluke is great and a great choice. Driving and bombastic side of Devin with a melody and hooks to die for and not too heavy on the demonic vocal presence the master often favours. However, the real seal of approval comes fully formed when a bonafide real-life band member actually joins you.

John Mitchell of FROST* (and others) who joins in on Heartstrings (check the video and see JM coming over online) and the combo achieves a bullseye on hitting the FROST* bombast. A perfect match and a track made for Kyros. Haken’s Ray Hearn finds himself doing a bit on his band’s The Good Doctor. Another track that’s well-chosen, and although the phenomenal guitar presence of Richard Henshell and Charlie Griffiths are absent, the vocal part is done to a tee and the tricky time signatures are as tight as.

So aside from the bigger names from the progressive field, whose work we (or some of us) know so well, there are the some new discoveries to be made on account of Kyros bringing something new to the attention. Jukebox The Ghosts’ Under My Skin and Closing in by Imogen Heap are both lighter and bouncy offerings. FU by Sordid Pink

Giraffe’s Because Of You heads back into an Eighties soundscape with authentic keyboards, elastic and springy basslines (very possibly being slapped…) and very likely some big hair and shoulder pads. Ultimately, the thing that stands out with the cover versions is Kyros’ application of a really big and full sound. Great fun hearing some new takes on familiar songs and also as an introduction to something new.

Here’s the Kyros take on Heartstrings:

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