Sun Atoms – Let There Be Light: Album Review

Sun Atoms – the guise of Jsun Atoms – uses the inspiration of the Sun to concoct a groovy little collection.

Release date: 1st October 2021

Label: The Acid Test Recordings / Little Cloud Records

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

I feel like I’m tasting a fine wine in one of those old-style foody TV shows with Jilly Goolden and Oz Clarke as I listen to Let There Be Light and make sense of what I’m getting on my aural pallette. John Grant has been on the player a bit recently so he’s certainly in there as is David Byrne and Talking Heads. Add a bit of Moon Duo electronics and the dourness of Leonard Cohen and darkness of Nick Cave and probably a list of plenty of more obscure influences and references I’ve never heard of.

Built almost inevitably, during the period of global disarray, the music looks to the light. Literally. That gigantic ball of flaming gas offers the inspiration for a series or arrangements that like the Solar System itself, float in and orbit around the central core. Psychedelic fusion, post pop, dark wave, grand production and minimalism all feature in a maelstrom of creation as Atoms and Peter Holmstrom generate the excitement via a remote collaboration.

And it’s all terribly groovy as we do the digital equivalent of dropping the needle on The Cat’s Eye and zone in on a gently thudding psychedelic vein that evolves into a joyful electronic cum ringing indie romp on Half Robot Half Butterfly. A churning musical darkness invades the light, enhanced by the half spoken delivery, some mournful brass, and heavily reverbed tribal rhythms.

It shouldn’t be too surprising when a full blown electro dance track bursts onto the scene. Fell For You is my little gateway connection to John Grant’s Love Is Magic album with the ping of a trebly bass and the descendingkeyboard line creating an earworm and set the electronic theme in place for the remainder. Closing track Praying Mantis is a cool electro-lounge hybrid where the vocal heads South, nudging the boundaries of Barry White territory.

An amusing exploration and fulfilling debut where the rewards come in the chance to escape for an hour, accompanied by a chilled out soundtrack of relaxed cool.

Here’s Don’t Take Me To Your Leader:

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