Mario Rossi Band – Heavy: Album Review

Brazilian based guitarist and singer Mario Rossi  gives us a ‘Heavy ‘ dose of quality, powerful but controlled blues with his super- tight band.

Release date:   October  8th  2021

Label: Independent

Format:  CD / streaming

Don’t be mislead by the ‘Heavy’ title as this is not the ear splitting raucous mind bending blues but it is heavily steeped and influenced by the legends Mario Rossi sought to emulate in his early career (Elmore James, B.B. King, Peter Green, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton) and he has emerged as a quality artist. 

He does lean on the rockier side of the blues genre but such style and expertise only comes from paying dutiful respect to his masters. The South American countries are proving to be a rich source of accomplished guitarists but Mario can also add a strong blues vocal ability delivering his songs with the agility that many Nashville or Chicago bed bluesman would be proud of.

His opening track Nemesis proves to be anything but rich in pounding riffs, searing solo and powerful vocals he sets out his stall opens up this plentiful store of  stunning rocky blues. The ability to deliver power blues but also using tempered tones to accentuate the more dynamic screaming solos is wonderfully delivered on Midnight Woman and I Could Be God For You.

Homage a to a more traditional 12 bar blues with piano solo  is paid on When The Summer Ends. Raw and Rough Boogie is exactly was it says on the tin. Exciting enthralling  stuff with a live performance feel, which too be honest could be said for the whole album. That Letter emulates Peter Green at his vocal and musical best during the early  Fleetwood Mac days with a touch of Ray Charles’ soulful keyboard  thrown in. An awesome track that should stun audiences in live performances. The ending just melts in your ears!! A jazzy bass run leads the opening the final track into a slightly psychedelic guitar opening and has a Hendrix-like feel to it.

There is no letting you off lightly ending this album , the pace and power is there to the end. It is heart-lifting stuff that excites you throughout and just lift any gloom laden mood and goodness are we ready for it!! if  you are ready to rock this tight band  with the line up of:  Mario Rossi – guitar and vocals, Ede Boy – Keyboards, Mike Muller – bass and Rafael Cacavallo – drums, will more than fill your need!

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