Wayward Sons – Even Up The Score: Album Review

The big day arrives. A new album from Wayward Sons to have fun with. Dedwood Tales #3 is a belter.

Release date: 8th October 2021

Label: Frontiers Music srl

Formats: CD / digital / LP

Almost two years to the day since the release of The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be, Wayward Sons, – led by the swagger and the style of top fella Toby Jepson – tread the Hard Rock highway once more. Along with Nic Wastell (bass), Phil Martini (drums), and Sam Wood (guitar), the addition of Dave Kemp on keyboards adds to the sonic pallet (some songs more than others) while not losing the rock solid core.

Anticipated by the release of two singles: the title track that’s been with us since late 2020 and Big Day appearing in April 2021 (both of which were released while the band was still in the midst of recording the album), the brand new album is once again a full-blooded rock album, containing songs that define the band as writers and players who know exactly how to thrill their audience. An audience most likely raised on AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple…the list goes on.

You can’t help but break into a grin as the riff to the title track kicks in. The impact of those keyboards is clear immediately, adding a coating for the banging riff to sear into the skin. Add the insistent catchprase and you know you’re on a winner especially when the message is reinforced with the heavy power pop on Big Day; a rather splendid pair to light the blue touch paper on the new record.

By now, we should be familiar with the delights that Wayward Sons offer. Even Up The Score isn’t meant to keep you guessing or throw in any majorly testing curve balls. The tempos my drop for a couple of numbers, but the hooks remain the same, the big choruses never let up and you’re never too far away from a classic cruncher of a riff or a vocal line to grab a hold of – especially if you want to join in with the sentiment of Faith In Fools. The sort of tune that Frank Turner would love spitting out with some venom.

Looking For A Reason, with the keyboard textures very strong and prominent and with the rapid fire vocal delivery on the chorus, is the first of a couple of tracks remeniscent of Deep Purple in their heyday. Everyone with their foot to the floor driven by a accelerator of a rhythm.

It’s a pleasure to witness Wayward Sons on their rise to becoming a bit of a British institution and deservedly so. Alongside the likes of Massive Wagons, one of the new breed of bands carrying the torch for traditional values. Even the ongoing style of the album art screams fun. Me – I’m returning to my go-to track which is the irrepressible Big Day – the brightest jewel in a veritable treasure chest of Hard Rocks.

Here’s the latest single, Bloody Typical:

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