Orange Goblin – Rough & Ready, Live & Loud: Album Review

Orange Goblin to release their digital only live compilation on physical formats through Cherry Red Records.

Released: 5th November 2021 (CD) / May 27th 2022 (2LP)

Label: Cherry Red Records

Format: Digital / CD / 2LP

Orange Goblin had big plans for 2020; the pandemic put paid to their plans so they moved onto forming a plan B. They asked their sound engineer to see what live recordings they had and decided to put together a live compilation. With classic bootlegs being a source of inspiration, Rough & Ready, Live & Loud is just that. You’d expect nothing less from Orange Goblin.

Recordings are taken from several shows over the past few years and the selections of songs takes in sounds from the entirety of the bands esteemed career. A more in depth study of the artwork for the release also shows nods to each record in the sleeve; it’s a brilliant cover that really shows what Orange Goblin are all about.

Sons Of Salem opens the set in tempestuous before an increase in pace with The Devils Whip. The latter is a two minute stomper that really shows the power that Orange Goblin possess. From there, you are transported back in time with Saruman’s Wish; a cut off Frequencies From Planet Ten (1997). Ben Ward’s cajoling of the crowd as the song builds sends a shiver down the spine; it really helps encapsulate the glory of Orange Goblin live. Couple that with the stunning solo guitar work of Joe Hoare and you have a recipe for greatness.

Made Of Rats (from Coup De Grace – 2002) again shows off Hoare’s skill in producing towering riffs in conjunction with bassist Martyn Millard. Showing a doomier and somewhat bluesier side, Made Of Rats is another stellar choice of track. The Wolf Bites Back and Mythical Knives both plunder latter day records; they demonstrate the evolution that Orange Goblin have successfully undergone.

Two highlights of the set come from 2012’s Eulogy For The Damned. The Fog is unashamed doom metal with a classic horror tinge. Like Made Of Rats, it has a monolithic riff for an opening and Ward again goads the crowd. Slow heads banging and fists clenched are par for the course. The Filthy & The Few is another song from ‘Eulogy.’ It is more urgent than The Fog in pace but helps show the diversity that Orange Goblin brought into their sound after they freed themselves from the limiting shackles of stoner rock.

Some You Win, Some You Lose; taken from 2004’s Thieving From The House of God; has the same infectious tempo as The Filthy & The Few. 1999’s Time Travelling Blues has three selections in the closing quartet. Shine is maybe a song that might not be aired as often as other songs in the Orange Goblin repertoire, but Blue Snow and the title track from the album are setlist stalwarts. Mixed up in this closing few songs is the pounding Renegade.

One album that is overlooked is The Big Black but there are plenty of live renditions of Scorponica and Quincy The Pigboy knocking around (see the recent reissue of Healing Through Fire – our review here). Healing Through Fire is also missing but again, check out the aforementioned reissue as that has a full live set from that tour included.

Orange Goblin are one of the finest and most consistent bands on the planet. They are always devastating live and their albums are always choc full of great riffs and songs. What is great is that the band have recently signed with the legendary Peaceville Records to continue their heavy metal odyssey on what will be their tenth studio outing. The band are also on the road in November and December; you can check the dates here.

You can preview and/or buy the album digitally via Orange Goblin’s Bandcamp page below. The physical formats are available for pre-order on CD here, and on vinyl, here.

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