Dauþuz – Vom schwarzen Schmied: Album Review

Dauþuz return with another industrious slab of black metal mined from the depths of the German underworld.

Release Date: 12th November 2021

Label: Amor Fati Productions

Format: CD / Vinyl / Digital

Dauþuz are a black metal duo hailing from Germany. In the unique world of metal music, it feels like they stand alone as their music uses the theme of mining and the history of mining in Germany as the source material. The only other album with a mining theme that this writer is aware of is Public Service Broadcasting‘s Every Valley.

Vom schwarzen Schmied, loosely translated as From The Black Smith, is the latest in a high quality string of releases from the pair, and follows on from their Grubenfall 1727 EP.


The artwork for Vom schwarzen Schmied is stark, bleak and telling. Coldness abounds in the finest black metal releases and Dauþuz bring this in spades. Whilst the band uses the traditional tropes of black metal supremely well, they are carving their own path.

Opening with swirling synths, Der Bergschmied I: Mein Berg sets the ominous tone. Clanks of metal and marching strings bring the claustrophobic atmosphere to life before layered guitars and drums build towards an early crescendo of fury and fire. Palpable tension builds for two minutes before the full force of Dauþuz is unleashed. Syderyth and Aragonyth will have any black metal purist salivating whilst fans of more progressive black metal will also tip their caps.

Anguish oozes out of Syderyth’s vocals on Der Bergschmied II: Der Eid. Meaning The Oath, the song uses choral embellishment and a slower drum rhythm in amongst the dense guitars. Der Bergschmied III: Desperatio offers acoustic led respite with haunting vocals enhancing the mood. A spoken word outro echoes in the end of the song. Another acoustic diversion follows further down the line in Der Bergschmied VI: Cognitio. Both of these pieces really help with the pacing of the album, and add to the ethereal effect.


Der Bergschmied V: Sagenlieder feels like a song that Winterfylleth would have turned their hand to. It is pounding, fast, furious and soars wondrously. Der Bergschmied VII: Der Frevel also generates the same feelings, but the opening to the song is particularly haunting. Like the aforementioned spoken word outro, the spoken word reappears. In the same fashion, the words echo around the mix giving a cavernous feeling; a feeling that you only get in the claustrophobic fines of caves. The title loosely translates as ‘sacrilege;’ a fitting title for the moods created. As the song moves forward, the drumming is particularly impressive and the vocals spine tingling. This is pure emotion.

Clocking in at close to twelve minutes, Der Bergschmied VIII: Sargdeckel, opens with another chilling blast of anguished vocals enhanced with darkly exultant choral flourishes. Translated as ‘coffin lid,’ it is clear what the intentions of the song are here; this is death. It is brutal, furious, towering and savage. Around four minutes into the song there is a hint of power chords at play – the soundscape that the duo create is vast and emphatic. Fury erupts throughout and as the song moves towards the conclusion, piano and strings add extra layers of density to the mix.

Vom schwarzen Schmied is another qualified success. Dauþuz have a real gift for creating black metal, and the subject they use as stimulus is incredibly unique. As a genre, black metal is designed to make you feel a certain way. It pulls at the harsher side of things and challenges the aural senses. Dauþuz present an aural challenge, but any discerning fan of this style of music will appreciate the artistry on display here.

Listen to Der Bergschmied II: Der Eid from Dauþuz below.

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