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Shadow Bones release acoustic version of 100 Years in support of Alcohol Change UK.

Shadow Bones aka Luke Williams was born in lockdown, a challenging time for all of us, which opened the door to Luke’s old demons.

Luke comments: “Writing songs in lockdown was cathartic, a means of therapy. It transported me back to a dark period of time I had left behind when I was battling sobriety demons, in the early years of recovery. Being in lockdown gave me that time to reflect on life, what’s been, appreciate what you do have and what you don’t. I never thought a bag of pasta would mean so much to me.”

After years of imitating a rock star life Luke confronted his issues and began his path to sobriety. Celebrating seven years sober his new song ‘100 Years’ is a personal yet inspirational reflection on life, featuring a hauntingly melancholic cello solo, played by Harry Robinson who has worked with Sam Smith and Rag N Bone Man.

Luke’s story will be a feature campaign with Alcohol Change UK, for which he will be raising funds. Luke Williams said: “The song is called ‘100 Years’ because its’ about no matter how many years go by, what’s been said and done can never change, but the person that’s said and done those things can. So stop worrying about what life could be and start believing what it can be.”

100 Years is a contemplative song that is wrought with emotion. Williams’ vocal is brooding and the accompanying video is stark and unflinching but ultimately uplifting. To confront demons in this way is a courageous thing to do. And now, to be doing it in aid of a charity to help people who are in a similar situation is a wonderful thing. Shadow Bones deserve every ounce of support with this release.

You can watch the video for the single below and pre-save the single on Spotify, here.

To find out more about Alcohol Change UK, you can click here.

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