Tokyo Blade – Fury: Album Review

Tokyo Blade return with their latest full length player. Fury was recorded during lockdown and delivers 15 top notch slices of classic rock.

Released: 21st January 2022

Label: Cherry Red Records

Format: CD / Digital / Vinyl (Due 24/6/22)

Tokyo Blade have been in and around the music scene since 1982. Cited as part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, the band have trod their own path and continue to endure today.

Fury was recorded during lockdown as the band seized the opportunity to do what they do best rather than take up new hobbies during the most trying of times for people.

Man In A Box opens up the record in grand fashion and is followed by the insanely catchy Blood Red Night. I Am Unbroken is an anthemic cut with thoroughly catchy choruses, blistering solos and pummelling drums from Steve Piece. Anthems are something that Tokyo Bade are adept at producing, particularly through the inspiring vocal work of Alan Marsh. Eyes Wired Shut has a cutting serrated guitar riff cutting through it and the aforementioned vocals soar.

Disposable Me is a little slower in pace but still packs a punch and utilises the iconic twin guitar sound in its solo work. The twin guitar sound is also used expertly in album closer When The Bullets Fly. Life Leaves A Scar showcases the bands harder musical edge – the solos are once again forged in fire. This is glorious heavy metal. In fact, the entirety of Fury is just glorious and unashamed heavy metal.

A clear theme that jumps out of the album is that the band have harnessed energies from everyday life in their lyrical content. Just one cursory glance at track titles like We Fall Down, Nailbomb, Rhythm Of The Gun and Life Leaves A Scar could all be indictments on society. Indeed, the latter sees Marsh proclaiming; ‘Hit a brick wall, you pray for it to fall.’ I think many people could empathise with this feeling. Message On The Wall talks of the intoxication of power in its opening; again, something that people can sadly relate to.

Throughout Fury, you can sense that Tokyo Blade enjoyed making this record. Initially, you could be forgiven for thinking that the length of the album is a tad long. However, with all songs being of such high quality, what would you cut? Each of the fifteen songs has its own life and place to breathe within the album. This makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience that will get your head banging and your smile widening with each passing note.

Listen to I Am Unbroken from Tokyo Blade below.

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