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Annie Keating – Twenty-22: Single Review

At The Barrier favourite , Brooklyn’s Annie Keating, returns with a new song for a New Year

Release Date: Out now

Label: Self release

Formats: Download, Stream

We like Annie Keating here at At The Barrier. Her 2021 album, Bristol County Tides, blew our socks off when it hit the racks back in June. We called it an “…exceptional album by an exceptional artist” and it was a shoo-in when we got around to naming our favourite albums of the year.

Well – the good news is that Annie’s back! And with her new single, Twenty-22, she invites us to celebrate the dawning of the year that we all hope will see the beginning of the end of that seemingly endless sequence of governmental incompetence, White House invasions, international strife and tension, global disease and mistrust that has blighted our lives for too long. Twenty-22 is, quite probably, the most upbeat, optimistic and positively heartening 4+ minutes of musical pleasure that you’ll have heard in a long, long time.

Described as “A truly inspired song of triumph over loss, both deeply personal and an optimistic anthem for all of us in these troubled times,” Twenty-22 is a taste of what we all need to help us shake off the cobwebs of the past two years, pick up where we left off and re-engage with sanity.

A drum intro leads into a bright, rocky tune, dominated by Teddy Kumpel’s signature electric guitar and Annie’s usual gritty – yet, somehow, comforting – vocal delivery. The message is clear: 2021 was a year to forget (“just a stumble and fall” as Annie puts it…) but 2022 gives us all a chance to rebuild “Twenty-22, I’ve got a good feeling about you/Twenty-22, I think I’m gonna love you,” she sings.

Twenty-22 can be streamed via Spotify or Apple Music or – perhaps the best way to support the music – downloaded from Annie’s Bandcamp page (or why not do both – I can guarantee that Twenty-22 is well worth the effort!)

And it doesn’t end there! the REALLY joyful news for Annie’s followers here in the UK is that she’ll be over here in April for a short tour, with shows in Bath, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Glasgow and several other towns too. For full details of the tour, visit At The Barrier will be there – why not come along and join us!

Get yourself a refreshing dose of Annie’s optimism – listen to Twenty-22 here:

Annie Keating Online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

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