Pure Reason Revolution – Above Cirrus: New Album News

Exciting news of the new album from Pure Reason Revolution.

Above Cirrus is the follow-up to Eupnea (not counting the rerun with The Dark Third). It’s the fifth album from Pure Reason Revolution. and is set for release on 6th May 2022 via InsideOutMusic.

This time around, Jon Courtney, Chloë Alper & Greg Jong (who returns as a full-time member for the first time since the Cautionary Tales For The Brave EP) find themselves adapting to a world that is radically changing before their eyes, and on this new record, exorcising the isolation and uncertainty in search of something greater.

Of the new album Chloë Alper comments: “Since Pure Reason Revolution’s reformation I feel that this band has embraced its identity and its place within the Progressive rock genre with a force, confidence and grandeur that radiates through the work. This new record fills me with as much pride as it does head-to-toe tingles. I am excited for the music-loving community to hear it and excited for the prospect of it growing our reach.” 

On the new music, the band continues many of the musical through lines that fans have come to expect; maintaining a balance between somber reflection and intrepid exploration, leading listeners through a shapeshifting collection of seven tracks that evoke a range of emotions. On Our Prism and New Kind of Evil, the energy reaches magnificent heights of guitar-led catharsis, rivaling the best efforts of acts like Tool and Filter, while offerings in Lucid and Dead Butterfly meld the group’s keyboard-centric song-structures with vast, epic soundscapes. Unlike its predecessor, Above Cirrus is far from a narrative driven concept record. As Jon confides, each song, while fueled by his personal journeys and the condition of modern times, is truly its own device.

Speaking on the lyricism of the record, he adds:  “Often my writing occupies itself with relationships; how we can be so tender/loving with each other in one instance, days later or even in a few flashes we’re tearing each other apart. The sublime & the savage/vicious. The music reflects this light & shade dynamic shift too. Our world shrinks through lockdowns/restrictions & strain is intensified. However, the end message is one of optimism – affirmation we’ll get to the end of this surreal chapter & be stronger together. Through the turbulence, we’ll help each other through the darkness.”

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Here’s the video for New Kind Of Evil:

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