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Annie Keating – Feels Like Home: Single Review

In anticipation of her imminent UK tour – another single from At The Barrier’s favourite Brooklynite, Annie Keating.

Release Date: 10th March 2022

Label: Self-release

Formats: Download

Well – here she is again! Hot on the heels of Twenty-22, her upbeat song of hope for the new year (sadly, that hope took a broadside when a certain Russian leader decided to give his Sontaran wannabe act an airing), Annie Keating – At The Barrier’s favourite Brooklynite – has eased out another single and, unsurprisingly, it’s another cracker!

Feels Like Home will be a pleasant, tender surprise for those of Annie’s followers who have become used to her raunchier persona – if we’re making comparisons with Lucinda Williams, the icon with whom Annie is regularly aligned – we’re talking Lake Charles, rather than Concrete and Barbed Wire, but that’s no bad thing, is it? Annie is, once again, backed by the core band that did such a great job of making Bristol County Tides one of our albums of 2021 – Teddy Kumpel on guitars, Steve Williams on drums and percussion, Richard Hammond on bass and Todd Caldwell on keyboards and, on Feels Like Home, they demonstrate that they can smolder just as well as they can rock.

Teddy’s lazy slide guitar is ever-present and the band are admirably restrained as Annie takes centre stage with her signature intimate-yet-smoky vocals. Having spent many hours over the past six months driving my car to the soundtrack of Bristol County Tides, Feels Like Home’s opening couplet: “Was it easy to forget me, or did you need a little help, to get my song outta your head, forget all that we felt” resonated strongly with me. Annie’s Marigold is a song that I can never “get outta my head” and I’m expecting the same happy repeats from Feels Like Home.

Feels Like Home received its UK Premiere when it was played by Bob Harris – another of Annie’s loyal disciples – on his Radio 2 show. It’s available by download from Annie’s Bandcamp page, and I strongly advise that you navigate your way there, right now, for a listen!

Regular readers will be aware that Annie Keating and her band are currently preparing for their UK tour, which starts on 2nd April at Chapel Arts Centre in Bath. The tour also takes in shows at The Musician Pub, Leicester (4th April), The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield (5th April), Castle Hotel, Manchester (6th April), The Fulford Arms, York (7th April), The Corn Exchange, Biggar (8th April), Glad Cafe, Glasgow (9th April), Base Camp, Middlesbrough (10th April), The Green Note, Camden (12th April), The Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham (14th April), Esquires, Bedford (15th April), Little Rabbit Barn, Colchester (16th April), The Lighthouse, Walmer (17th April) and The Prince Albert, Brighton (19th April).

There are some wonderfully intimate venues amongst that itinerary to showcase Annie and the band at their very best, and anyone popping along to the shows is guaranteed a great evening. I, for one, am counting down the days. See you there?

Get in the Annie Keating groove – listen to Kindred Spirit, one of the many outstanding tracks on her 2021 album, Bristol County Tides – here:

Annie Keating Online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

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